What is Public Cloud Hosting?

Public cloud hosting uses the resources of a specific network of physical servers in order to give
a virtualized web hosting environment that is scalable, flexible and fast. It differs in private cloud
hosting in a way that it delivers hosting to various clients in the same exact shared physical
server infrastructure. The only overlap with other platforms are the physical server themselves.

Every virtual network would still be isolated from each other.Public cloud hosting draws from several different physical servers that the resources and space you have access to are infinite. That way, you wouldn’t suffer from any issues in performance
from other websites that happen to be utilizing the same resources.

The Benefits of public cloud hosting

Are you looking for top web hosting services in Malaysia for your new ecommerce website?
Explore public cloud hosting. It provides plenty of benefits which are difficult to find in other
types of web hosting.

1. High performance

Public cloud hosts are reputable and high performing. You will surely have access to an
unlimited number of server resources.

2. Scalability

It offers infinite scalability–well, almost. Different resources can be improved on demand in
order to meet growing web traffic requirements.

3. Flexible costs

Through public cloud hosting, you can share the overall price of your physical server
environment. In addition that that, you have a flexible costing structure that depends on the
resources you consume.

4. Extremely reliable

Because of the big number of networks and servers involved in building a cloud hosting
environment, when one server becomes overloaded, or fails, your website can get resources from
another server. This can prevent any lapses in service, or downtime.

Consider cloud hosting if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have outgrown your basic shared hosting plan, but is not fully prepared for the
    complexity and cost of a dedicated server.
  • You value flexibility, performance and security–all from one hosting package.
  • You own a high-traffic website that experiences many unexpected traffic surges.
  • You want a hosting provider with a transparent pricing model.
  • Your website doesn’t collect crucial, sensitive details such as social security information
    and bank account numbers