Watch Care 101: How to Wind Your Watch

Are you looking for new tips to wind your watch? Take note that the most detailed instructions
can be found in the watch instruction manual. If you want to enjoy your timepiece for many
years to come, focus on thorough watch care.

How to wind your watch?

Buying a mechanical watch in Malaysia is an exciting and fulfilling experience. Now that you
have the watch of your dreams, take care of it well. Learn how to wind the watch properly.
Remove the timepiece from your wrist, and then pull out its crown. The function you are setting
is identified by how far the crown is pulled. Listen to the little clicks. Wind it by rotating the
crown clockwise. Wait until you feel some resistance. Afterwards, return the crown to its usual place.

Do you have an automatic watch? Since it is powered by a rotor, its energy can last for quite a
while. The thing is, you must wear it regularly. If you have a manual timepiece, wound it every
single day.

Keep your timepiece dry at all times.

A watch that is non-resistant must never get wet. Just in case it gets wet, dry it immediately. To
make sure that no accident will happen, remove it from your wrist if you are engaging with
water-related activities.

Most waterproof timepieces are protected to small amounts of water. However, you should still
wipe them clean.

Watch Servicing Tips

Watch servicing is crucial if you want to use your timepiece for decades to come. In generally,
watches must be serviced and cleaned every 2 years. Follow the guidelines of your manufacturer
for guidelines and tips on watch maintenance.
Store the watch away from powders, perfumes and chemicals that can damage it.