Some of the Greatest Casino Heists in Modern History

So, you frequently go to Newtown Casino in Malaysia and once you’re done playing a couple of games, you turn on the TV to find out what’s interesting. Then, you come across a movie about casino heists and it has piqued your interest in the subject matter.

There are, in fact, plenty of great casino heists in modern history, which I will discuss in this article. So, if you are curious as to the best ones that were done in history, I suggest that you continue reading through the rest of the article.

Great Casino Heists

Some of the world’s most renowned casinos are in the U.S., which is why most of the great casino heists happen in certain casinos in the country. That being said, here are a couple of noteworthy heists:

1. The Biker Bandit
Back in December 2010, a guy that goes by the name of Anthony Carleo walked inside in the Bellagio in Las Vegas wearing a motorcycle helmet. He didn’t go there for a costume party. No, he went there with the intent of stealing some casino chips. In fact, he was successful in that he stole some chips with a whopping total of $1.5 million.
Typically, casinos are not really worried about their chips being stolen since all of them have tracking devices built in, but this is quite interesting because Carleo bragged about the event on social media.
And, his biggest regret was that he took a photo of a particular chip that was worth $25,000 and tries to sell it to a potential buyer who was actually an undercover cop. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

2. MIT Blackjack Team
Although these people didn’t go to jail, it is just so amazing that they were able to amass millions of dollars by going to different casinos in the country.
A group of MIT students (notoriously known as the MIT Blackjack Team) used advanced card counting mechanisms and using complex mathematics to help gain an advantage in certain games.
Because of their style, they were able to rake in millions of dollars in total winnings (the total amount is unknown to this day).
Because of how famous this heist was, it inspired many authors and scriptwriters to center their stories around this particular event. In fact, this also inspired other people to try it out as well (but not to the same level as the infamous MIT Blackjack team).

3. ‘Hi-Tech’ Heist
When you look at heist movies, you will typically see technology being used to carry out the misdeed, right? Well, two physics students actually came up with a device that would interfere with a roulette wheel- allowing them to rake up millions in total winnings.
The device works like this: since the device is quite small, it is able to fit in the shoes of the students. One student would play the game, while the other one would wear the device. In order to communicate with the other person about the winning combination, they would use a series of small shocks that only they can understand.
Of course, the house is not going to let this slide as they will typically apprehend players who win at an abnormally high rate. They were indeed caught and were charged accordingly.