How to Make More Money on Facebook

1. Take advantage of the Facebook Marketplace.

The Facebook Marketplace can help you generate income on Facebook. Facebook allows people to sell their products on a specific section on their platform. In there, you can post new and used items that you want to sell. Then, make sure that the post is accompanied by quality images, and important details such as model number and condition.

2. Implement a good affiliate marketing strategy.

Did you just sign up to a Lazada affiliate program in Malaysia? That is great, since you can also promote your products on Facebook. Whenever a person clicks on your affiliate link, and actually purchases the product, then you will get a commission. Usually, an affiliate gets around 5% to 25% commission.

3. Use Facebook as a traffic driver.

Facebook provides an effective avenue to connect more like-minded people, companies and organizations. Leverage on this to earn more on this platform. You can do this by not selling directly to people through the marketplace, but rather encouraging people to click on affiliate links to finalize the sale.

4. Utilize your Facebook platform to generate more leads.

Basically, all of your Facebook friends, and other users out there are prospective leads for your affiliate business. You just need to integrate and optimize useful content to engage more users. So, how can generate more leads? Encourage people to sign up on your list to get newsletters and special offers.

5. Facebook Ads

At some point, you would need to spend money to make even more money. That is the case with using Facebook ads. Facebook ads are those little banners at the web page’s right side, as well as those sponsored posts that appear directly in your news feed. Just be a cautious, though. Facebook ads can be a bit expensive.