How to Know if Your Child is Sick?

There are tons of parenting tips out there that help us keep our children in perfect health. But, in
reality, it is hard to tell if your toddler or baby is seriously ill. Sure, you can buy a quality baby
thermometer in Malaysia, and watch your kid 24/7, yet looking for signs for serious illnesses is
not easy.

So, how will you know if something is wrong with your kid? Below are is a quick guide that can
help you out.

A list of warning signs that can be serious


  • Your little one is quiet, even when their body temperature is down
  • A high body temperature in a kid who is less than 8 weeks old
  • A high body temperature, and her feet and hands are cold
  • A high body temperature that doesn’t improve with ibuprofen or paracetamol


  • Rapid panting or breathing
  • Your kid is having a hard time breathing
  • A throaty, weird noise while breathing

Other crucial signs

  • Your kid experiences a fit (seizure or convulsion) for the first time
  • Your kid is below 8 weeks old, and refuses to eat
  • Diapers that are drier than normal–a sign of dehydration in children
  • Grey, pale, blotchy and blue skin
  • The kid is extremely hard to wake up, and looks confused or disoriented
  • She is constantly crying, and can be distracted or consoled
  • Green vomit

Call an ambulance right away if…

  • You think another person may have seriously injured your baby
  • Your kid stops breathing
  • Your kid won’t wake up
  • Has purple-red, spotty, purple-red rash on her body that fails to fade when you press a glass against it–a sign of septicaemia, or blood poisoning
  • Your kid is under 8 weeks, and you are deeply worried about her
  • Your child experiences a severe allergic reaction

The most important thing here is to trust your instincts. You will surely know if something is
different in your kid.