How to Invest in Fine Watches: 6 Things You Should Know

1. Limited edition timepieces yield short-term profits.

It’s possible for limited-edition watches to deliver short-term returns. For example, those bronze
Panerai models have displayed rapid price increases. Even the law of supply and demand works
in the watch industry. Of course, it’s not easy to get a limited-edition watch model.

2. It’s important to buy from a secure, trusted source in the pre-owned watch market.

Now is the best time to invest on a new timepiece. There are tons of sleek watch designs in
Malaysia you can choose from, so make sure not to limit yourself to brand-new models. A
vintage timepiece is an excellent investment. It is an heirloom watch that you would love to pass
down to your kids and grandchildren.

3. Know how to take care of your watch.

Every watch is an investment. Don’t just wear it today, and abandon it in the next few days.
Watch care and maintenance are important. Thoroughly read about watch’s manual, and learn
how to take good care of your timepiece. With proper care, it can last for decades.

4. Mechanical watches are better investments compared to quartz watches.

In the field of horology, mechanical timepieces are generally more desired compared to quartz
watches. Thus, when looking for an investment watch, go for mechanical ones. There are quartz
timepieces that have increased in value over time, but these instances are rare. It’s always better to stick to mechanical movements.

5. Settle for in-demand watch brands.

When searching for a timepiece that would retain its value over time, it’s crucial to check the
past, and assess which brands have continued to perform well throughout the years. Your safest
bets are Rolex and Patek Philippe. These are prestigious companies that experience strong demand in their watch models.

6. Invest in a watch that you genuinely like.

People buy luxury timepieces for many reasons. But, don’t get one just because you want to earn
money from it in the future. Buy a timepiece because you love them. Be passionate in what you
are doing. This is an important factor in watch investment that you must always remember.