6 Great Things to Do in Melaka, Malaysia

When I asked my friends about their trips to Malaysia, they would usually advise me to
go to this city called Malacca. When I went there, the local government probably felt
sorry for us for mispronouncing the name of the place and it said that we can actually
call the place “Melaka”.

Now, most of what I’ve heard about the city is all about its rich cultural history,
specifically buildings and relics that are made with Portuguese and Dutch architecture.

I am not the type of person that looks at a building and marvels at its architecture,
however, and although I’ve initially thought that I would get bored in the city, to my
surprise, that wasn’t actually the case.

Sure, you can find plenty of amazing historical structures here, but there are some fun
things to do in Melaka as well. Girl escorts on your side, here are some of the great
(and fun) things to do in Melaka, Malaysia:

Marvel at the Melaka Straits Mosque

Although I’ve said earlier that I am not the type of person that marvels at a building’s
architecture, there are just so many buildings in Melaka that warrant a visit.

The country’s main religion is Islam and it is no wonder why there are so many
mosques that you can find in the metro. But, one mosque that I want you to pay

particularly close attention to is the Melaka Straits Mosque.
Situated on top of a man-made island, this mosque looks glamorous both from the
inside and out. This is especially true during nighttime as the mosque is well-illuminated.

Now, I didn’t spend too much time on the inside since there are a lot of people who pray
here, but outside the mosque, you can find a lot of cheap eats.

Walk Along the Melaka Riverbank

The Melaka River is quite a long river- so much so that the river cruise that you can take
will last up to 45 minutes. But, you can actually just walk along the riverbank as there
are pathways that are dedicated to people that want to take a leisurely stroll. In fact, I
encourage you to do so, simply because the structures that you can find here are filled
with amazing street art.

Aside from that, you can pass by a lot of cafes and you might find one that you fancy
(that you can also visit afterward).

Flex with Mr. Malaysia

Somewhere in Jonker Street, you will find a place that is dedicated to Mr. Malaysia, Gan
Boon Leong. In fact, you can flex your muscles and pose for a picture if you want.

Museum Visits

The city is filled with so many museums that foreigners should visit. Some of the places
that I urge you to visit are the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, the Buddha Relics
Museum, the Malay and Islamic World Museum, among others.

The Old Hindu Temple

Located in the same street as the infamous Cheng Hoon Temple, you will find the oldest
Hindu Temple known as the Sri Poyatha Moorthi. It is a beautifully-made temple where
you can worship some gods if you wish.

Experience the Busy Night Market

During the weekends, Jonker Street will be turned into a busy night market where you
can find plenty of stalls that not only sell some amazing Melakan Handicrafts, but also
some rich Malay, Peranakan, and Indian foods as well.