12 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing a Watch

Whether you are thinking of buying an inexpensive digital watch or a luxury automatic timepiece, it is important that you are wearing a watch, especially in this day and age.

In this article, I will cite some reasons why you should be wearing a watch.

Helps You Look Classy

Among all of the things that you can put on your body, a watch is the only socially-acceptable piece of accessory that a man can wear. Therefore, if you want to look classy, wear a watch.

Makes a Good First Impression

If you are going to have a job interview soon, wearing a watch makes a good first impression. That is because anyone seen wearing one will usually project to others that you value your time and theirs’. Furthermore, anyone caught bringing their smartphones with them and carrying them by hand are not only rude but it can certainly give a negative impression to your interviewers.

Good Status Symbol

Have you ever been thrust in a situation where you see a person wearing a luxury timepiece and you stop just to marvel at it? That is because a watch can be a good status symbol and it can really tell other people your status in life without you ever having to say anything about it.

Useful Functions

The modern watch is not only bought for its basic timekeeping functionality, but also for other things. Tactical watches serve as the Swiss Army Knives when it comes to providing useful features.

They Last Longer

Unlike smartphones, watches never become obsolete. Sure, they may not have as many features as that of smartphones, but they certainly can last decades when given some proper care.

Highly Customizable

Most of the watches that you can find on the market allow you to change the straps to whatever suits you best.


Do you want to know what the current time is? Just flip your wrist and glance at it for a couple of seconds (assuming you are wearing a wristwatch, that is).

They Make You Look More Mature

A classic timepiece makes any person look more mature. Of course, you’d want to stay away from those artsy and colorful timepieces in favor of a more minimalist timepiece.

Keep Track of Time

Watches are quite useful for whenever you are taking tests or exams. If you want to know how much time you’ve already spent or how much time is left on the clock, your watch can help you with that.

Makes You More Productive

Being able to keep track of your time will almost always make you more productive than a person who is not wearing a timepiece.

Timing is Important

If you are into sports and timing is crucial, a watch is a handy companion in that regard.


Watches are built to last and that is the reason why they can become great heirloom pieces. A watch that is 50 years old holds a lot of horological history.